Reid’s take the Stress out of Flooring

When Matthew Kidson, General Manager of Kidson Construction in Nelson, had the challenge of finding a suitable flooring solution for his client, Sealord, he knew who to turn to. He had spent a lot of time with Reid Construction looking at our new products and systems to see how they could be used by his firm, and he immediately thought of our unbonded post-tensioned concrete floor product, StressFloor, for Sealord’s drystore.

StressFloor is ideal for light commercial and residential applications, and Matthew immediately recognised the potential benefits for his client. Having no joints, and being resistant to cracking it meant that his clients would save on flooring maintenance costs.

Matthew asked Reid’s GM, Derek Lawley to meet with Sealord to discuss the project, and the proposal that followed was met with enthusiasm.

Reid’s head engineer, Terry Seagrave, worked together with John Higginbotham of Nelson Consulting Engineers to develop the post tensioned flooring design for the foundation ground engineering, and with John Belman from Kidson Construction on the construction sequence.

The drystore floor was 1,200m2, and was inaccessible for pumping concrete or stressing on two sides. Terry developed the post tensioned flooring design to loop the strands, so that the stressing could be undertaken on the available two sides. 170m3 of 35MPa concrete was pumped in one pour, and the first stress went in at 12MPa. The second stress was carried out 23MPa.

Stressing the concrete in this way is what makes Reid’s StressFloor system unique, and ensures the longevity of the concrete flooring slab – essentially putting tension on the flooring now to compress it, so that it is stronger and more durable against the stress it will be exposed to over its lifetime.

Reid’s staff have worked closely with Kidson Construction and Nelson Consulting Engineers, providing ongoing technical support and design advice, which has been key to the success of the project. Matthew says that, “the floor has been very successful, coming in at around the same cost as mesh, but giving the client many additional benefits. Our team has found it very simple to use and will definitely use the system again.”

Engineer John Higginbotham was also very impressed with the result commenting that “it was the perfect solution for the type of soil conditions that we were working with”.

StressFloor is an ideal way to ensure that your polished concrete, or concrete slab flooring will go the distance. Whether used as a residential or commercial flooring solution, it provides a strong, durable, seamless and long lasting alternative to mesh reinforced slabs.