ReidBrace™ tension brace system provides an economic off-the-shelf solution for bracing structures, tie-back applications and temporary bracing.

ReidBrace™ has many innovative applications as the banana end and the brace end can be used in separate installations without the other.

Design parameters for ReidBrace™

ReidBrace™ is a tension-only bracing system and shall be designed elastically. Click here for further information on the ReidBrace™ and read our Product Advisory for tips in designing with the system.

Features & Benefits
  • Eliminates expensive threaded rods as it uses the 500E grade  ReidBar™ threaded reinforcing bar for tendons.
  • Eliminates welding and threading — ReidBar™ is available in either black or galvanised bar in standard 6 metre lengths, and can be joined using standard couplers and locking nuts.  Longer ReidBar™ lengths are available by order.
  • Over-length bar can be cut without dismantling the bracing assembly.
  • Substantial cost savings in labour and materials.
  • All components sold as kits or separately.
  • Engineered design — ReidBrace™ components (with the exception of the Half Nuts) have been tested to exceed the minimum yield strength (500MPa) of the 500E Grade ReidBar™.
  • Designed to fit over structural steel flanges or cleats to provide double shear connection. The bracket thickness will influence the strength of system. Contact Reid™ for design advice.
  • Supplied with pin and safety clip for connection to structure – no need to source separate HS bolt.
  • ReidBrace™ is galvanised for added corrosion protection.
  • Tension wall and roof bracing
  • Retro-fitted bracing
  • Retaining wall tie backs
  • Cross ties
  • Temporary bracing
  • Beam strengthening
Installation of ReidBrace™ on site

Recent changes to ReidBrace™ make it easier for quality checking of the installation. Click here to download your installation procedure.

Safety Clip – We have eliminated the need to bend the clip that holds the pin, an operation easily forgotten, and replaced it with one more easily secured.

Tension Nut and Spring – After a testing programme, a tab washer and spring system has been introduced to ensure more positive shake proof restraint on the connecting and lock nuts. The engineer will be able to visably see that the correct torque has been applied during the install.

Washer Installation – we have seen on-site installations of ReidBrace™ where the banana has not been centralised on the bracket. In order that the load is spread evenly over the forks, installation of washers either side of the bracket is imperative so total movement does not exceed 6mm.