Reid™ manufacture a range of ReidBar™ components such as Grout Sleeves, Threaded Inserts, Couplers, Foot plates and Flange Nuts, that screw onto Grade 500E ReidBar™ threaded reinforcing to provide structural connections.The fittings come in either black or galvanised finishes that are designed to develop the upper bound breaking strength of the ReidBar™.

ReidBar™ Grout Sleeves

ReidBar™ Grout Sleeves offer a method of providing full-strength structural connections between abutting precast elements. ReidBar™ Grout Sleeves also offer the following benefits:

-Simple and easy to use, with reusable setting hardware that encourages both quick and accurate placing in boxing and precast forms.

-Requires considerably shorter embedment depths than conventional systems, resulting in shorter protruding starter bars, and easier as well as safer on-site installation.

-Easier transport due to the shorter protruding development bars in comparison to conventional systems.

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ReidBar™ Couplers

RB12C angled (2)
ReidBar™ Couplers allow buildings to be constructed with continuous reinforcing throughout the length and breadth of concrete elements. ReidBar™ Couplers provide connections between ReidBar™ lengths, owing to the unique ReidBar™ thread employed across the length of ReidBar™. ReidBar™ can be cut at any point and connected using ReidBar™ Couplers without the need for expensive re-tapping of a thread. Efficient coupling removes the need for lapping, reducing wastage and congestion in heavily reinforced concrete pours.

ReidBar™ Threaded Inserts

ReidBar™ Inserts are testament to Reid’s focus on engineering-based innovation. Proven through extensive testing and analysis, ReidBar™ Inserts offer a superior alternative to cogged bar and “key boxes” where bars are bent again and again prior to final concrete pour.  From a construction perspective, ReidBar™ Inserts avoid over congestion of the reinforcing, reduced risk of injury through manually bending bar, and faster cycle times in high rise buildings. ReidBar™ Inserts continue to save time and money for builders across New Zealand and Australia. 

ReidBar™ Foot Plates, Flange Nuts and Nuts

Reidbar Footplate
ReidBar™ Foot Plates and Flange Nuts provide the ability to minimise reinforcement congestion.  Examples of this are bridge beams where reinforcing congestion inhibits hooked bars and in stitch jointing of panels on site. Hooped bars make it difficult to crane panels alongside each other on site without getting caught.

Other ReidBar™ Grout Sleeves Components and Applications

In addition to concrete construction, ReidBar™ is an effective method for soil nailing, rock anchoring and formwork applications. Employed with ReidBar™ Nuts, Spherical Washers, and Base Plates, ReidBar™’s high ductility and flat rate of strain hardening assures safe anchoring under tensile/shear overload situations caused by rock/soil movement. In a similar manner, ReidBar™ is a proven performer in bracing formwork systems, with its continuous robust thread providing excellent flexibility in changing the size and configuration of formwork systems.

More information on the ReidBar™ system can be viewed in the ReidBar™ Design Guide or by calling 0800 88 22 12.