P1000802 Mcdowel
P1000802 Mcdowel

The McDowel Bearing Strip is designed to allow movement between load-bearing elements and the support structure. The smooth upper face of the strip allows the precast floor slabs to move or rotate slightly with temperature or shrinkage movements, while the serrated bottom face grips the bearing surface, preventing the strip from working its way out under cyclic movements.

  • Design allows precast floor slabs to slide on the top surface of the strip, while the underside firmly grips the wall or beam.
  • Serrated underside ensures that the Reid™ McDowel Bearing Strip does not work it’s way out as the supporting floor goes through daily temperature cycles.
  • Made in 2.4m lengths of 100% recyclable impact resistant plastic.
  • Desired length can be achieved by scoring and snapping.
  • Complies with requirements of NZS 3101:2006 Clause 18.7.4 b)(ii) with a float-finished floor.
  • Should be used with a grouting mortar when there are major irregularities in the bearing surface.
  • The coefficient of friction average value for a float-finished concrete surface is .58.

Bearing strips such as Reid™ McDowel Bearing Strip are now required by NZS 3101: Part 1: 2006 and the amended NZS 4219:2008.

  • The Reid™ McDowel Bearing Strip satisfies the requirements of Clause 18.7.4 for low friction bearing strips and was used as the bearing strip in the Canterbury University Research on the Reinforced Concrete Seating Details of Hollow-Core Floor Systems (see appendix I of Data Sheet).
  • The amended standard requires a minimum width of 75mm bearing strip to be used, a change from the previous 50mm width.

Click here for the Reid™ McDowel Bearing Strip Data Sheet.