Reidbar Threaded Reinforcing System


ReidBar™ 500E, is a micro-alloy, hot-rolled, continuously threaded reinforcing bar which can be cut at any length and joined using ReidBar threaded connectors. The unique feature offers the engineer a significantly different approach to design reinforcement placing and fixing. ReidBar™ is manufactured to AS/NZS4671:2001 Steel Reinforcing Materials with the deformations forming a continuous right hand thread.  All Reidbar threaded connectors indentified by the Reid logo are cast from SG ductile iron, and are designed to exceed the tensile capacity of the high-strength, threaded reinforcing bar, and provide connections suitable for seismic conditions.

The ReidBar system has met engineering standards and performance criteria in projects for the last 15 years in New Zealand and Australia.  Accessories, dimensions, construction examples and how to specify are detailed in the Reidbar Design Guide.  Autocad blocks and drawings are available for Reidbar connectors in our Resource section, or by calling our engineering team on 0800 88 22 12.


Independent Fatigue testing results from the RB25 system is available now for specifying engineers.  Please email for a copy of the report.

Features & Benefits
  • Improves structural integrity through joining of the bar with threaded connectors.
  • Creates a full strength seismic joint – connectors are designed to exceed the capacity of the high strength 500MPa bar (with the exclusion of some Reidbrace fittings).
  • Suitable for seismic design, ReidBar is manufactured to 500E steel specification standards.
  • Ultimate strength development is possible with short embedment depths using foot plates.
  • Eliminates cast in starter-bars for simple transportation, handling and avoids re-bending.
  • Removes congestion and can ease construction, eliminating the need for hooked bars.
  • Provides simple solutions for construction problems, reducing labour and material costs.
  • The system is suitable for use in thin concrete sections such as wall panels.
  • Full engineering support available from Reid
  • Black, Galvanised and Black Epoxy finishes available.
Application Examples (More detail can be found in the Reidbar Design Guide)
  • Multi-storey panel connection
  • Formwork
  • Temporary and permanent bracing
  • Fastening and hold down
  • Lifting (Engineered Design)
  • Retaining
  • Soil Nailing
  • Mining
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