Reidbar Threaded Reinforcing
ReidBar™ 500E, is a micro-alloy, hot-rolled, continuously threaded reinforcing bar which can be cut at any length and joined using ReidBar™ threaded connectors. The unique feature offers the engineer a significantly different approach to design reinforcement placing and fixing. ReidBar™ is manufactured to AS/NZS4671:2001 Steel Reinforcing Materials with the deformations forming a continuous right hand thread. Most ReidBar™ Components (refer to Page 7 of our ReidBar™ Design Guide for further information) are designed to develop the upper bound breaking strength of the ReidBar™.

The ReidBar™ system has been thoroughly used in various projects for the last 20 years across New Zealand and Australia.  Accessories, dimensions and examples of ReidBar™ applications are shown in our ReidBar™ Design Guide.  AutoCAD blocks and drawings are available upon request through

Features & Benefits
  • Improves structural integrity through joining of the bar with threaded connectors.
  • Creates a full strength joint – majority of components are designed to develop the upper bound breaking strength of the 500MPa bar.
  • Suitable for seismic design, ReidBar™ is a 500E reinforcing bar designed to meet the local reinforcing standards.
  • Ultimate strength development is possible with short embedment depths.
  • Eliminates cast in starter-bars for simple transportation, handling and avoids re-bending.
  • Removes congestion and can ease construction, eliminating the need for hooked bars.
  • Provides simple solutions for construction problems, reducing labour and material costs.
  • The system is suitable for use in thin concrete sections such as wall panels.
  • Full engineering support available from Reid™.
  • Black, Galvanised and Black Epoxy finishes available.
Application Examples
  • Multi-storey panel connection
  • Formwork
  • Temporary and permanent bracing
  • Fastening and hold down
  • Lifting (Engineered Design)
  • Retaining
  • Soil Nailing
  • Mining

More detail can be found in the ReidBar™ Design Guide. Click here for your copy now.

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