Liebig Self-Undercutting Anchor

Liebig Superplus Undercut Anchor
The Liebig name is synonymous in fastening with its reliability in high-load slip, load controlled expansion anchoring for tensile structural loads.

The importance of preload, the extent of its relaxation as a result of creep and its effect on expansion anchor slip has been widely published. The Liebig SuperPlus self undercutting structural bolt ensures dependable performance providing both a friction and mechanical connection.

The anchor exhibits low slip when compared to other structural drill-in anchors, making it suitable for seismic applications. The Liebig SuperPlus self-undercutting structural bolt has been given E-TAG approval.

  •  Power plants
  •  Machines
  •  Steel and industrial plants
  •  Facades
  •  Cable trays
  •  Base plates
  •  High tension and shear capacity
  •  Reduced edge distances and spacings
  •  Simple self-undercutting installation
  •  Two embedment depths per diameter
  •  No special drill bit or setting tool required
  •  Shallow embedment depths
Liebig Product Data & Sizes


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