RIC500A Acrylic Fastening System

RIC500A is a two component, acrylic based adhesive used to provide a high strength structural connection, suitable for use in concrete and hollow masonry. RIC500A is able to cure under humid conditions and bond to damp surfaces. Resin and initiator are dispensed and mixed simultaneously through the a special mixing nozzle at a 10:1 ratio. This product can be used in all weather environments.

  • A high strength acrylic adhesive for use on concrete and masonry
  • Performs at shallow embedment depths and in close to edge installs.
  • Can be used in damp conditions and underwater applications
  • Can be used to reduce slip in threaded components
  • Requires less adhesive – can be used in 1.5mm oversized holes
  • All weather formulation – from -18° to 40°C
  • Extended working time but fast curing time – fixtures can be loaded after 35 minutes at 16º
  • Fast and easy dispensing with minimal dripping or sagging. Result is easy cleanup.
  • Rods are easier to insert into hole – less tendency for bar to creep out of the hole during initial curing
  • Suitable for use with zinc plated, HDG or SS Chemset Anchor Studs.
  • Starter bars for structural beams, columns & panels
  • Seismic reinforcing connections
  • Safety barriers, stadium seating, signage, safety barriers
  • Machinery and plant hold down


Ramset Chemical Limit State Resource Book

Ramset Resource books, developed for professional engineers, are based around the strength limit state design process. Extensive development work has produced a comprehensive but simple calculation process that is quicker to use than software packages. Superseding the Ramset “Anchoring Technology” series, the Resource Books include product only available in NZ.

To request a hard copy of the Ramset Technical manual please email mja@ramset.co.nz.