Insulated Concrete Panels for Energy Efficiency

Nirvana Insulated Concrete Panel
Reid™ Nirvana™ insulated sandwich concrete panel system maximises thermal efficiency by combining insulation with the high thermal mass properties of concrete.

Nirvana™ insulated panels are commonly used for residential housing and commercial construction such as libraries, schools, prisons or office complexes. Nirvana™ is best suited in situations where outside temperatures reach extreme levels, because of its ability to moderate temperature fluctuation inside the building.

How the Nirvana Insulated Concrete Sandwich Panel System Works

Nirvana™ Insulated concrete panels combine Reid™’s expertise in concrete anchoring technology with the science of heat transfer. Nirvana™ connector pins lock in a thickness of insulation between two concrete layers (wythes) to produce a wall with exceptional resistance to heat transfer, which can be lifted, erected, and installed as a single unit. The internal concrete wall provides the structural strength and thermal mass, the insulation layer reduces the flow of heat energy into or out of this thermal mass, and the external wall provides physical protection to the insulation layer. By varying the thickness of each layer, different structural and thermal properties can be achieved.

Nirvana™ connector pins possess a circular cross-sectional area, providing confidence that correct orientation of the pin during installation will not become an issue.  Tests have shown that using a Nirvana pin provides more than sufficient strength against pull-out failure. The pins are made from an epoxy-backboned vinylester resin system and are placed in a grid pattern during set-up of the panel.

Designing with Nirvana™
Nirvana Waihi Beach House

Effective design can dramatically improve the performance of buildings during construction and service life. The many different elements work as a closed system, interacting to either enhance their function or detract from original designs. Good design will achieve substantial savings in building construction and operational costs, while providing a comfortable indoor environment and desirable aesthetics. Click here to download guidelines for designing with the Nirvana™ System.

Fire Rating

Nirvana™ has been independantly fire tested and performed very well.  For copies of the test reports please email

Extruded (XPS) versus Expanded (EPS) Polystyrene

There is often some deliberation between Extruded and Expanded Polystyrene and what is better.  There has been testing undertaken in an accredited testing laboratory on in-service insulation after 15 years. The tests directly compare the two products and evaluated for both R-value and water absorption.

Nirvana™ Case Study –  Pins provide “sharp savings” with Nirvana™ Insulated Panel System

Nirvana Ultra Modern Building
Reid™ Nirvana™ insulated panel system has been used in precast plants and on-site tilt projects for over 15 years. Specified for residential concrete homes and commercial projects such as education,correction facilities, warehouse / office parks, Nirvana™ creates a healthy and energy efficient environment that maximises thermal mass efficiencies and combines durability and performance that only concrete can deliver.  Read more about Nirvana™’s cost savings for the precaster…. (pdf download)

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