The ability of reinforced concrete to take up virtually any shape that the architect can visualise is probably the single most important characteristic that has made it the dominant construction material of the modern age. Reid™ Architectural Concrete Solutions bring together a stable of innovative architectural systems and technologies that are sustainable and cost effective.

New from Reid™ – graphic concrete™

With many building owners and specifiers opting to have patterned concrete on precast concrete structures, Reid™ is able to offer a number of solutions to assist with modern design. graphic concrete™, patented technology invented by interior architect Samuli Naamanka, has a vast range of unique designs and patterns which can be used for public, residential or industrial projects.

When an Architect decides to use graphic concrete™ in the design of a concrete surface, the visual quality of the traditional surface is radically altered. graphic concrete™ is available in 5 ranges that contain stylish patterns, textures and colour with the ability to create your own custom designs or works of art. Want more information? View our website or ask us for a presentation from our Architectural Solutions expert, please contact