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Based on a concept originally developed by independent NSW engineers John Burke and Alan Walsh, the patented OrbiPlate™ assembly provides a quick and effective, fully rated, high capacity, structural connection. The OrbiPlate™ system delivers a much needed solution that provides connection tolerances of up to 20mm in all directions.

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Reid’s supplied a number of products for the new Flexi-shop, a dedicated plumbing workshop and training workspace at Unitec and one of the most innovative was the Reid™ Orbiplate Connector. Orbiplates and Threaded Inserts were used for concrete panel to steel structural connections.

At Unitec, the Orbiplate was welded to the steel structure and connected to the concrete Nirvana wall panels with Reid Threaded Inserts. All welding was completed at the structural steel yard. The end result for Gibson & O’Connor, main contractor on the project was that no site welding or drilling was needed saving valuable time and costs. The structural connection was achieved with a spanner and an 8.8 structural bolt providing a quick efficient connection. While other Reid products were used on the project, the real winner has been the Orbiplate Connector.

Bruce Nancekivell, from Engineers Nancekivell Cairn Ltd, was pleased with Orbiplate “It’s a good complete solution with enough tolerance and no drilling on site”.

The installation was best described by Leading Edge, contractor for the steel install, “we liked the fact that we didn’t have to drill at all and it was super quick with the impact wrench. We’d definitely like to use Orbiplate again - brilliant!”

Nancekivell Cairn Ltd’s Glen Livingstone summed it up this project “We didn’t know about Orbiplate until the Reid’s rep showed us and went through the details. Later he came on site and helped with the issues. We were very happy with the solutions and help provided”.