Reid™ started life as a general engineering supply business in Australia almost ninety years ago.  It wasn’t until 1984 that Reid™ New Zealand took flight out of a West Auckland garage with Derek Lawley.

While some things have changed – the company’s New Zealand premise moved to Glenfield in the North Shore of Auckland, Reid™ was purchased by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Inc., and most recently, combined with a number of its sister companies to become ramsetreid™ – we still retain our strong customer focus and relationships, with Derek Lawley still in touch with the business as a Consultant. We are proud of our little slice of history!

Reid™ Product History

It is through trying to find a safe and economical manner for lifting concrete panels that Reid™ came across the German SwiftLift™ Anchor. Reid™ New Zealand saw an opportunity to provide a safe lifting system to the whole construction industry and working with customers such as concrete pipe manufacturers, Hynds and Humes, the SwifLift™ Anchor within a few years of its release was selling more per head of population than any other country in the world. For Reid™, lifting systems was the first innovation amongst many.

Since then, the company has developed its business through products such as; Tilt-Up Construction – a package of design programs, lifting systems, propping, formwork and chemicals that resulted in Tilt-up and Precast walling systems replacing standard block work and metal-clad systems. It is accepted in the market that Reid™ played a major role in Tilt-up construction taking off in New Zealand. These concrete buildings now dominate the commercial sector of the construction industry.

The ReidBar™ System – a 500E threaded reinforcing bar and components for joining precast concrete elements together. This system has allowed buildings to be constructed “like lego sets” at speeds of up to one floor every four days. This system has been used in projects such as Spencer on Byron in Takapuna.

Nirvana – an insulated concrete sandwich panel housing system that maximises thermal efficiency through the use of combining insulation with the thermal properties of concrete. Widely used in New Zealand and Australia for residential housing, hospitals, schools, wineries and correctional facilities, this system is now being implemented for low cost housing in under-developed countries.

Anyone driving through a modern industrial estate like Albany, will see the fruits of the company labours, tilt-up concrete panels standing to attention like soldiers, held up by Reid™ prop’s, joined by Reid™ jointing systems, bolted with Reid™ bolts and probably hidden away, the Swiftlift™ Anchors that started it all.