Undoubtedly the best bondbreaker on the market today, NoxCrete’s Silcoseal Select is a water based formulation that produces a superior finish with less lifting suction. Out-performing solvent based bond breakers in all areas, including faster drying times and superior weather resistance, this chemically reactive bond breaker achieves a clean and crisp release from casting beds.

Noxcrete Silcoseal Select Bondbreaker Competitor Bondbreaker
Sports Waikato 004 competitor bond breaker 1


“At first I was sceptical about water based Silcoseal Select, however it has exceeded my expectations.   Silcoseal Select has no smell and our guys are able to easily apply it in the morning and because it has a waxy feel, it’s not slippery like other products.  During lifting, the panels peel off with no suction.  Our panel finish is better than we have ever had”.

Jay Anderson, Castle Commercial, Christchurch, NZ