Reid are specialist suppliers of a full range of innovative Swiftlift face lift and edge lift anchors for precast and onsite tilt slabs.

Face Lifting 

Precast concrete elements can be demoulded by tilting or lifting flat off the casting bed. Face lift anchors generally have the same Working Load Limit (WLL) in either tension or shear.

  • Minimises stresses in the concrete
  • Allows larger and heavier lifts
  • Anchors are simple to use
  • Demoulding can be undertaken sooner
  • Remote release from the ground is easier

Edge Lifting

Edge lifting is used to facilitate true vertical placement of a concrete element.

    • The precast element is lifted to vertical for placement over starter bars or other connections.
    • Wall panels can be placed close to adjacent structures were space is limited.
    • Removes the need for remedial works of exposed anchors.
    • Remote release from the ground is possible.
    • Allows convenient storage in vertical racks and easier access to lifting points.