Superior Support for Suspended Precast Concrete Floors

Zeus Assembly
Zeus, the flanged support bracket designed for suspended precast concrete floors, has undergone a design change to provide better performance, at a more economical price.

Zeus has been developed as a combined support and lifting hanger bracket for flange hung Double Tee and Ribbed precast floor units greater than 150mm deep.

The hanger bracket has been designed in accordance with NZS/AS 1170 and NZS 3101:2006. It is the only hanger that to date has been tested to the ‘Jenson Protocol’ by Holmes Solutions in New Zealand.  The protocol recognises the combined diaphragm and beam rotation stresses induced in flooring units under extreme loading.  Zeus is the best practice alternative to the “pigtail loop” detail publicised by SESOC as being hard to justify using rational analysis.

Purpose designed for use in seismic areas in plastic hinge zones, Zeus incorporates a life safety strap for added protection during an earthquake while accommodating building movement.

The two part system with adjustable leg lengths suits various precast unit depths (see table).  Hot dipped Galvanised for durability from corrosion, Zeus is used as a duel purpose reinforcing and lifting system with a working load limit of 7 tonnes as per the Code of Practice.  Easily assembled in the precast yard, it uses the Reid 7 tonne recess former and clutch accessories.

Zeus Final






Product Code      Description                          Depth of Rib/Tee            

ZEUSZ1                 Z1 Hanger Bracket            >150mm-200mm
ZEUSZ2                 Z2 leg only                           250-300mm
ZEUSZ3                 Z3 leg only                           350-450mm
ZEUSZ4                 Z4 leg only                           500-600mm


Load tables are available in the resource section of the Reid website. For further technical information and pricing, please contact us on 0800 88 22 12.


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