Another faux brick in the wall……

In today’s economic climate, methodology that provides cost savings is high on the list of wants. Controlling the project costs from beginning to end is the responsibility of the contractor. Colin Crambrook, Managing Director of All Tilt Up Constructions is no exception. At this Riverwood warehouse project, they were doubly motivated as they were both the tilt up contractor, and the builder.

Due to a wide frontage, it made it necessary to access the Riverwood factory and offices from a side street. As a result, the need for a retaining wall more than 1200mm high was required. Colin decided on a two piece Missouri Old Cut Ashlar stone pattern (#16988) to provide an aesthetically appealing pattern which minimized repetition.

Rather than use a single use formliner, Colin invested in a Graylastic Elastomeric formliner, which are bonded to 19mm plywood to eliminate any distortion. GrayLastic liners are heavy duty and are suitable for up to 100 re-uses.  The formliners manufactured at 1220mm x 1220mm were matched end to end enabling Colin to in-situ cast 10 metre sections at a time, including a capping beam on top.

A polyurethane sealer was then used in the seams – just like a normal tilt panel. The joins of the two liners are virtually impossible to pick. Once the wall was finished, the last step was to give it a coat of paint.

Viewing the wall after the landscaping was completed, Colin stated “that we had to hide the bottom of the wall with a thick driveway to get the falls, but that doesn’t take it away from the drama and impressiveness of what we made”.

At 1220mm square, the formliners are now stacked on a pallet for easy storage and transportation for future projects. Colin will be able to take these liners and repeat this casting process, making them a great investment for their business.

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formliner faux brick