About Reid™


Reid™, Suppliers of Lifting, Reinforcing, Fastening & Propping Solutions for concrete precast and tilt construction

Reid Lift
Reid™ has been supplying precast concrete and reinforcing, fastening and propping products to the New Zealand precast concrete and construction sector for 25+ years, and is a well-known and trusted market leader.

Our services go beyond providing concrete solutions. We work in partnership with our customers, offering technical support and advice in planning, preparation, design, engineering, forming, production, rigging, concrete lifting, tilt up, tilt slab, anchoring and bracing — all critical stages in the safe and efficient manufacture and placement of precast concrete products.

We have technical representation in all cities and regions of the country, and extensive technical data available, ensuring confidence when Reid™ products are being used.

Reid™ precast concrete products are designed in New Zealand to meet New Zealand standards, and are tested with local building materials. We have strict quality control systems, and stand behind our product range and performance data.

Reid™ has access to significant technology and business resources on an international scale through our global parent company, ITW Group. This helps us to be strong innovators, and we work closely with the industry to continue our development of better products, systems and services.

Reid™ manufacturers and supplies well-known brands such as Swiftlift Lifting Systems, ReidBar™ Threaded Reinforcing and connection systems and Nirvana insulated concrete panels.

Our products help handle the physical load, whilst our professional support services help lift the risk load – each Reid™ design comes backed by the strength of ITW. Benefits of working with us include;

  • Technical representation in all cities and regional areas
  • Extensive technical data and support available
  • Strict quality control systems
  • Products designed in New Zealand to meet New Zealand Standards
  • Products tested in New Zealand building materials
  • Stand behind our product range and performance data

Choose Reid™ for your next project.